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My Practice

What is special about my practice?
It’s all about HOW. 

My approach with every patient is characterised by a combination of rational and empathically intuitive assessment. 

Conventionally based HNO goes hand in hand with integrative methods. This open and unprejudiced method now results in a new perspective and a new way of seeking solutions for patients. 

Diagnosis – i.e. identifying and describing complaints – and therapy – i.e. treating them – are broadly based on conventional medicine and integrative medicine with a focus on Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. 
The basic idea is equilibrium and balance.
Where is there too much or too little of what and at what level? How can harmony be achieved?

My teacher of fast-acting acupuncture as well as Asian philosophy, herbal medicine, Feng shui, Bazi, Qi gong, Tai chi, is Dr Richard Tehfu Tan, who has had – and continues to have – a significant influence on my thoughts and actions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him. 

The Chinese idea of Qi, of the flow of energy, of the duality of Yin and Yang is ubiquitous and can be found in many cultures under different names and with other theoretical constructs. They are all attempts by human reason to explain phenomena using models. 

The core messages sounds and seems so simple: 
constant change, a constant river, continuity, simplicity.

The logical conclusion is that illness is a deviation from what is normal in a system, and healing means regaining equilibrium and balance. 

The following view has increasingly taken hold in my medical practice: find the imbalance and return it to its equilibrium.
So simple and yet so difficult. I encounter patients every day purposefully, with a lightness of spirit, joy, empathy and clarity, and try to the best of my ability to help them to achieve their goals. 

I am grateful for theses encounters and look forward to making your acquaintance as one of my patients. 

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