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Acupuncture in my practice - instant results
Balance Method according to Dr. Tan – instant result with every treatment.

My integrative thoughts and actions have been considerably influenced by global wisdom teachers.

Especially I thank my teacher of fast-acting acupuncture, Dr Richard Tehfu Tan.

What is special about the Balance Method of acupuncture developed by Dr. Tan for the patient is the much greater effectiveness compared with other systems of acupuncture taught around the world. 

The diagnostics, methodology and the immediate and long-term outcome (and therefore the greater level of fun ) are what make the difference for therapists. 

Completed is the acupuncture treatment by herbal medications and cultivation of the Qi, the universal energy of life.

Acupuncture is a very strong medicine. 

It stimulates the system of body, mind and soul to reorient and to reflect on the actual information and order, inherent in every molecule and vibration, as well as on the “boot program” that is installed and present in our genes, and sometimes also to revert to “factory settings

When asked by patients what acupuncture did, Dr Tan aptly explained: reprogramming by pressing the restart button. 

The genes in our body contain retrievable information on regeneration, self-preservation, intrinsic rhythm and effective regulative mechanisms. 

And we can all assume that our body is well disposed towards us and really likes us. Incredible potential opens up if we just trust it, support it and allow it to act. 

Our body is extremely well organised and structured via our autonomic nervous system and higher and subordinate neuronal structures. 

It is all about giving the human system the opportunity to sort itself, to balance and to recover. This is where this type of acupuncture helps.

This healing, and hence acupuncture as a method, reach their limits where changes in structure are so far advanced that regulation is no longer possible. In this case, I use acupuncture as a diagnostic instrument: when pain refuses to go away, imaging and further investigations must bring clarity. The results may then show that an operation or other form of treatment is necessary. 

Acupuncture also reaches its limits as a regulative method when an external or internal stimulus acts repeatedly, making regeneration impossible.

The more it´s so impressing to observe, what amazing regenerative capacities the body has. It´s a miracle. 

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