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Herbal Medicine - Phytomedicine

Herbal medicine/ Phytomedicine means nothing more than prescribing medical treatments from the treasure trove of Chinese Medicine (CM). It is a wonderful complement to acupuncture, but can also be deployed on its own. CM offers a fascinating spectrum of medicines of plant, animal and mineral origin. 

I prefer to prescribe them as soluble powders, also called granulates, that are then dissolved in warm water before being drunk completely. This is simple, practicable and very effective, although it may taste a little unusual at the beginning. 

They are taken between once and 5 times a day for 1 day or over the longer period, exactly like any other medicines. Urgent, made-up prescriptions can generally be collected from that pharmacy after an hour – the pharmacy will send non-urgent prescriptions to your address. 
Acute prescriptions need to be taken at short notice, especially in the case of colds. Please continue taking the medicine for a day longer than the complaint persists. 
If you take a medicine over the long term, please call in to the practice after 2 to 8 weeks so that the formulation can be modified. 

Health insurance funds seldom cover the costs. It is, however, worth enquiring, and I will be happy to provide you with legally- and medically-based reasons. 

The preparation is not a “common or garden tea”, but a plant-based medicine with a specific combination of active ingredients with pharmacological, immunological and metabolic effects for treating the human organism.

They are not usually ready-made medicines, but individual prescription preparations with a number of constituents. The prescription formulation is put together following an exact diagnosis consisting of detailed questions (the anamnesis) and examination (in particular pulse and tongue).
Its composition follows the diagnostic and therapeutic criteria of Chinese Medicine and takes account of structural circumstances, physical symptoms, constitutional characteristics, seasons, pathways/meridians, functional cycles, Zang fu, Ba gang etc.

Your very own formulation will be prepared from the required basic materials on the basis of my prescription by pharmacies specialising in this area.

The prescribed granulates made from Chinese plants are lyophilised (freeze-dried) components of medicinal herbs. State-of-the-art extraction and concentration equipment extract the medically active constituents in a highly effective manner and process them in pharmaceutical systems. The leading-edge technology of nitrogen-free lyophilisation ensures that the highly viscous and oleaginous medicinal herb components retain their natural characteristics and thus their effectiveness.
The (usually Zieten) pharmacies that prepare your prescription obtain their ingredients from certified European wholesalers. The goods are tested in European testing laboratories specialising in verifying pharmaceutical quality.
(This certification ensures, for example, that the quality of the raw materials is validated using HLPC in thin-layer chromatography. They also test for microbes, heavy-metal contamination, pesticide residues, micro-plastics and aflatoxins.)
The pharmacy checks the identity of the goods, and all this is subject to regular quality checks by the Office for Health and Social Affairs. 

In certain cases, it may be better to prescribe so-called raw drugs, crushed raw drugs (powder) or external preparations for compresses, bathing, external administration and washes for you. 

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